My Own Cello



Dear Diary,
Another day goes by and my heart still yearns for the tender touch of acceptance. I heard its sorrowful sound and was powerless to sooth its cry. I was called upon its dark nature to immerse my senses in its passionate expression, yet, a tone of powerful calm held my faculties with blissful attention.

Today I almost touched it. I nearly held a cello in my arms, but I was afraid to disturb its perfect image in my mind with a note of reality that might have destroyed our unspoken mutual expectations. The grand cello I love plays for me with perfect clarity and I listen, I appreciate, I dream.

I long to wield an instrument that could sing through mournful sounds with peaceful and reassuring notes that become a pleasant melody. I want to be the one who brings an unexpected baritone hero out of the background of a bass ensemble that is mostly unnoticed, but instead, I listen, I appreciate, I dream.

Tomorrow perhaps, I will have the courage to approach it, to introduce myself, to surrender my fears in its unconditional acceptance of my desires; but in turn, I will have to detach myself from the perfect balance between its current master and their melodic relationship that captivates my attention.

Today, today I long for my own cello.


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Daily Prompt:

Strike a Chord
Do you play an instrument? Is there a musical instrument whose sound you find particularly pleasing? Tell us a story about your experience or relationship with an instrument of your choice.


Coors Line


What makes you memorable? How do you make other people smile when you’re not there? My husband is one of those adorable creatures who are happy when they find an assortment of words they can turn into a pun. Do you have one of them adorable creatures as well? As painful as it may be for some of us to be the ever present audience for these moments of objectively perceived hilarity, I can’t help but to admit, it makes them  memorable. It prompts a smile on my lips when I come across words he has punned before. I even find it humorous when puns sneak into my mind and burst out of my mouth with a loud chuckle . . . Gasp! it happens.  It does. It’s horrtible. Never the less, when it comes to puns, I always think of him in a fond manner (as annoying as it may be).




Dubstep Writing


Lately, I have been writing my stories with Dubstep music in the background. At first I thought that the music would distract me because when I listen to it, every inch of my body seems to vibrate in elation, but for once, all the voices in my head quiet down and pay attention. It has turned out to be a great addition to my collection of wards against distractions, especially if I’m using headphones. I love the random techno chaos in its melodic dystopian tempo.
The name of most Dubstep artists escapes me all too often, but there is a marked uniqueness to the sound of some of them such as Nero, Skrillex, Daft Punk and the lovely Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Pokémon). When their songs start, I run to see who is playing and I’m beginning to recognize them as if I was listening to their very own signature. Other artists however, I find repelling. It makes me think that they added the dubstep sound effects to their discordant melodies. Don’t get me wrong, their songs may be melodious but not very synchronistic with the Dubstep feel I get with the other artists and so I find them intrusive and at times obnoxious.
Not being an expert in the genre, I couldn’t tell you if their sound conforms to Dubstep standards, but my ears, greenhorn as they are in this territory, have made that distinction clear for me. Surprisingly, writing and Dubstep music are a great combination for me. Am I the only one with these quirky mixtures that help concentration?