What is TyroCharm?

Tyrocharm is delightful attempt to engage in a new pursuit. It isn’t exclusive to writing. It can refer to anything that a novice tries for the first time with the intention of building a skill. It implies that this attempt is pleasing to observe or be part of. It also implies that the amateur who initiates this endeavor, is making an attempt to be likable.





4 thoughts on “What is TyroCharm?

  1. That’s me! I hate writing. I blog to get over this feeling I’ve had since I was a child. I’m trying to let go of this aversion by going into it and exploring the endless sensations of loathing I feel trying to wrap words around my life.


    • Isn’t it funny how trying to put thoughts into words is sometimes so difficult despite how clear the idea is in our minds? Love it or hate it, writing is one of those things that feel as if you’re always a beginner. The thing is that eventually you depend so much on writing because it seems that with out it your mind is going to explode if you don’t see those thoughts on paper, or screen, lol.


      • That’s where I struggle, I have feelings but they don’t fit into thoughts very well. This blogging is really helping me find clarity. Also really nice people who share their struggles and ideas is really helpful. Here is to learning new things and expanding our horizons! Also for me letting go of old fears. Oh and in Buddhism the beginners mind is the easiest to work with because there is no set in cement beliefs in your practice yet. I would like to get to that point with my writing.

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  2. Well, I wish you the best in this journey. I might also add that as a beginner, before you fall into common patterns or techniques, you will acquire your own way and style of writing. It will be your signature and the mold by which you cement your thoughts into awesome new posts. Looking forward to watching your writing grow. After all, I’m on the same boat.


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