Sigh! . . . No Words.


If you are a tea drinker, you know the struggle. Day after day, cup after cup, we keep forgetting about our perfect cup of tea which we anticipate with great eagerness. Waiting those two minutes for the perfect green cup of tea, or 4 minutes for  Earl Gray is never an easy thing to do. Something always calls out attention and we end up coming back to get a cold and forgotten cup of bitter fluid that doesn’t resemble what we expected.

I have used timers before, but when the time is up, I rush back to pour tea all over the place outside the cup because obviously, I was engaged in something important that couldn’t wait two minutes earlier. Then, I have to wait for the tea to cool off a bit in order to preserve the left over taste buds I have; their relatives gloriously burned alive when I decided not to risk drinking cold tea. . . yep. I have done that.


This image is typical of what greets my return nowadays. I’m warming up to it now. Life tends to be much more pleasant when you just resign and suffer in comfort. I take a drink of cold tea and use the bitterness to temper my solitude. The ensuing darkness that envelops my thoughts shortly thereafter is familiar and strangely comforting. I die little deaths of disappointment every day and it helps my psyche wake up and appreciate a future where a warm cup of tea can actually happen.

Am I all alone in this world? Is there anyone out there who has achieved drinking a cup of hot tea on a regular basis? Is there hope?



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12 thoughts on “Sigh! . . . No Words.

  1. One coffee in AM, but the rest of the day (and well into evening) I’m a Lapsang Souchong. My Beloved Sandra is an Oolong sort of girl, but we manage to get along despite our differences. Drink up.

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    • I switched to tea about two years ago after a long and contentious relationship with coffee. For sound reason, I decided to go for hot water that didn’t taste like much at the beginning. As time passed, I grew to love the subtleties in taste and aroma.
      My hubby is a coffee kind of guy; wouldn’t be caught drinking tea willingly and we also get along. . . here and there, mostly. lol


  2. Hi, TyroCharm. Cold, lukewarm, just not my cup of tea 🙂 I like it hot and steamy in my hands. If it does grow cold I’ll pour it out and make some more. I guess with our busy lives, we have to find the perfect time for tea where we can savor its taste and warmth.

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