A Fabulous Diva Formerly Known as Genie

Written by Margarita Morgan
August 17, 2014

The Daily Prompt asks:

Remember those lovely genies who grant wishes? Well, you’re one and you’ve just been emancipated from your restrictive lamp. You can give your three wishes to whomever you want. Who do you give your three wishes to, and why?



Wait a second, what do you mean I have to give out my wishes? If I’m emancipated, I want to give those valuable wishes to myself for sure. Can you imagine yourself working for a thousand years, at least, and always watching every master you had had his way three times around and not having an opportunity to do the same after all that hard work? I think not, no more, baby this time I get to treat myself with three different gifts that have been on my mind all this time and after watching others succeed and or fail at trying to get the best results from the object or situation they wished for, I know exactly what I want, without over thinking the pros and cons and purely as an impulsive wish list based on random question.

First of all, I will get a makeover. I want to look fabulous, of course. Not necessarily pretty, you see, being pretty can be a drag sometimes with all the jealousy from less fortunate creatures out there Orange-Is-Sophiaand not to mention the horde of suitors that are sure to purse me, no, not pretty, FABULOUS; as in Sophia from the show Orange is the new Black. Only she can make a prison jump-suit look so classy and her demeanor is regal despite her difficulties. Fabulous is what I’m looking for and girl. . .I ain’t settling for anything less.

My second wish would be to take away all the benefits away from all the wishes I granted to unkind, selfish and ungrateful masters. I’ve been looking forward to this since my first master rubbed me the wrong way . . .he he he, no pun intended. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to take back something I gave away, but correcting a wrong is definitely overdue and they had it coming anyway. How do you like karma now sister? . . . oh snap! You’re welcome.

My third wish I will save. I don’t want money, I’ve seen what it can do to people when they haven’t had any and end up with a large sum to spend at will. Not only does it change their hearts, but most of the time they don’t manage it well enough to last a while and end up their days without money, without friends and many times without a family as well. I will not wish for a better world either, People have to strive to be better on their own. Also, it is part of their own personal growth to do what they can to help others. Despite the suffering, the animosity, the desperate call for help, humanity has to grow on its own. Otherwise, once they are left to their own devices in what looks like a better world, the human race, without the knowledge to appreciate the struggle it took to get this new world will surely revert back to abuse their new environment as well.

bridezilla2Dropped ice-creamI will save my third wish instead for something special and simple. I’ll know when I have to use it. I could be helpful to a kid whose ice-cream fell to the ground or it could make a Bridezilla eat a little humble pie. I don’t know what I’m going to do with my third wish yet, but I know I will use it wisely and it will make my day.



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