Missing You at All

If I were on a one way journey to mars, the things that I would miss the most about earth would be everything I don’t like, of course.

Crowds, I would miss the crowds. It is a realistic item on my list. I am a loner and very happy to keep to myself while I read a book, write or do housework while I listen to music. But if all I had was books, chores and reports to write, it would be torture for sure.
I would miss the hide and seek game I play trying to avoid big groups of people, or the chase to outsmart traffic. I would spend countless nights remembering how I would shiver and tense at the thought of attending a large party like a wedding. I’d probably even wish I could go and meet new people. . . Gasp! That’s right down scary, but it could happen. I would cherish with fondness all the constant and loud sounds of police sirens, fire truck horns and at times, the obnoxious rumbling of motorcycles.

Of the good things I would miss, definitely, I would yearn for new TV shows to binge-watch. I’m assuming that if the technology that would help me return to earth wasn’t available, then the technology to access Netflix from space would still be far off from realization. Shame, I could binge-watch for days!

This situation is not really new to me. It happened once already. I left my country of origin and haven’t gone back. I ended up missing those things I was trying to get away from. It’s funny how the good things you liked are remembered with fondness, but bad things, you remember with strong emotions that make you think again of the reasons you felt that way. Exploring those reasons has allowed me to understand better what I left behind and thus, appreciate their absence with a measure of longing.



This post was inspired by The Daily Prompt


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